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DillonGray Inc.
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DillonGray - Practice Areas - Industry Focus

Our Practice Areas:
eCommerce, Software, Hardware, Semiconductor, Internet, Networking

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors through a relentless commitment to excellent work and by incorporating a number of key qualities into our organization. These qualities are more than just positioning - they provide a fact-based rationale for partnering with us.

  1. PEOPLE We are experts in the high tech/high growth industries with 25 years experience and are abreast of the trends and critical changes which affect your business. We manage our search practice and are accountable to you for a job well done.

  2. APPROACH We take time to understand your business and the full ramifications of the assignment you give us. Our approach is hands-on and we personally execute the work you give us. We do not assign your work to a junior partner. We utilize a proprietary assessment process to ensure that candidates not only have the requisite technical skills, but also match the desired cultural and behavioral elements as well as management style and leadership characteristics.

  3. OFF LIMITS Neither bureaucratically big nor inadequately small, we do not seek to be all things to all people, ensuring that your project will not be hampered either by restrictive off-limits problems or by internal turf wars. As a matter of policy, we extend off-limits protection to our client partners.

  4. RESEARCH Our dedicated research team utilizes their intellectual skills to systematically deliver potential candidates for your assignment. Our interest is locating the most qualified candidate based on your custom profile. We subscribe to the most up to date on-line services to every major database and information server in the high tech fields we serve, including the Internet and the Worldwide Web.


DillonGray and Associates operates across the United States, as well as eighteen countries, searching for the critical leadership talent necessary to maintain a company’s expansion and growth. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to top venture capital funded startups.


DillonGray & Associates combines the professionalism, analytical capability and resources found in the largest global retained executive search firms with the urgency, commitment to quality and personalized service associated with the best boutique firms.