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DillonGray The Firm

Finding talent is difficult. DillonGray is unique in the recruiting industry due to its business model. Larry Dillon realized companies are reluctant to engage a search firm because of the expense and the uncertainty of success in finding the right candidate. Companies, at certain times in their growth, need concentrated high level search activity for a limited number of key positions. DillonGray’s solution to this need is to become a part of the hiring organization, as their internal executive search firm, to understand the unique needs and culture for the length of the project at a set fee arrangement. This arrangement has proven to be very successful for clients.

DillonGray is currently under contract with Arista (the most talked about high growth company in the networking sector) to build out Arista’s Sales and Technical Sales organization worldwide. This partnership arrangement has been highly successful. In the first year Arista saved over $720,000 in recruiting expenses and acquired top talent in the industry.

DillonGray believes in arming their clients with tangible measurable data, to assist them in making critical decisions when hiring their most important asset – their people. DillonGray continues to search for the most technologically advanced way of performing traditional executive search processes. The firm is focused on senior-level search assignments at the national, international, regional and local market levels and has consistently accomplished solving a variety of challenging search assignments.