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High growth organizations require technology solutions. We are committed to providing state-of-the-art analytical tools to assist management in selecting their most important asset - their people

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Each year American businesses spend $26 billion in hiring preparation, interviewing and evaluating prospective employees. According to human resources periodicals, a wrong management-level hiring decision can cost a company $320,000 or more in lost production and expense within the first six months of employment.

Most failures in the hiring process result from incompatibility in either, chemistry or culture, not technical skills, and yet 97% of all questions asked during an interview are technical questions.

Today's prevalent hiring methods were first instituted in Britain in 1917 and have survived virtually unchanged. Statistics indicate that executive management spends more time evaluating capital expenditures than making hiring decisions - despite the widespread claim in American business that "people are the most important resource."

We believe in offering only the best solutions to your staffing needs, regardless of the time or intensity of effort required. Our process is designed to uncover candidates with the unique and specialized skills your organization requires for success. We believe in a search process which maintains the highest standards of ethics and confidentiality.

When it comes to employee selection, the best advice is to take heed whom you take by the hand.